[INFO] Charity Plan in Collaboration between UN HABITAT and Kim Junsu

Junsu is always so enthusiastic to those in needs, that is why I love him so much!!


Japan’s Great Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. The site still has a long way to go before recovery. Other than Japan, there are many children living under life-threatening environment in Asia and Africa due to disasters and diseases. Junsu has thought of them and tried to find what he can do for them. He agonized over what is possible to support the reconstruction and improvement of Asian and African developing countries for their children as well as to consistently support the children suffering from Japan’s Great Earthquake. As Junsu came to know the activities of UN HABITAT Goodwill Ambassador Mari Christine, he decided to participate. And this project has started . Through the United Nations Habitat Goodwill Ambassador Mari Christine, 7% of sales turnover of Jedus Body! will be donated to support those children in Asia and Africa, including those living in the affected areas of Japan.


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